Sid Meier's Pirates!

Sid Meier's Pirates!

Sails the Caribbean sea and lives the life of a pirate
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Lives the life of a privateer, enjoys the freedom and the seas. Search for treasure maps and dig riches. Fights other pirates and their ships on the blue waters or raids villages for their resources and riches and avoids being captured. Becomes one of the greatest pirates in the history of the seas.

Sid Meier's Pirates! is a strategy game created by Sid Meier for Firaxis. The main character is a pirate, a man who was part of the nobility and is stripped of his property and his families. The adventures begin when he decides to join a vessel which can be selected (the choices are English, Spanish, Dutch and French). The game presents the Caribbean Sea in map mode. At first you begin to sail the boat to which you integrate and as you sail you will find other vessels in your way.

It is therefore very attractive game because you can see the waves, the sails of boats reflecting the wind and this becomes a factor by which you can navigate faster or slower. You can visit ports. In each port, you can go into the tavern, where your allies are, and you will talk with strangers. They will offer you objects or information of interest, but also will give you bad news about your family which was taken away and about ships that carry big booties.

Besides the main story, you can dedicate to piracy, attacking the different boats that you find at sea, looking for treasures. Or another option is to deal goods you can more or less legally get form vessels and existing towns. It is true that the game is quite addictive, and makes you spend some very good time, which makes you overlook the fact that some mini games are quite simple.

Review summary


  • Very addictive and fun


  • Some graphics could have been improved
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